Dear HVRSD Families,

I am writing as a follow-up to my August 20 reopening update. Please read this information carefully.

On Friday evening, August 21, the Board of Education met to discuss two important items related to our back to school planning. The video and slide deck from that  meeting are available from our website. 

In-person instruction will begin on September 9

The Board reviewed an amendment to our plan which would have had all students begin the year with remote learning, and with in-person students returning to our buildings over the course of several weeks. After a lengthy discussion, the Board voted not to amend our plan and to continue with our original plan for all in-person students to return on September 9. Remote learning will still be provided to those who selected this option.  We remain confident that the safety precautions and protocols we have developed over the past several months provide the best possible protection for our students and staff. Details of this plan are available here

The elementary in-person program will move to an A/B day schedule

In the earliest of our “Return to School” presentations, dating back to May, an A/B day schedule was presented as a possibility.  Now, due to the numbers of students interested in in-person learning and the number of certificated staff available, we are unable to provide 5 days of in-person instruction.  All K-5 students will follow an A/B day program, attending based on their last name (these days/last names will correspond with TMS and CHS).  

For students in Grades K-5, the district will provide a Virtual Learning Support Center/Child Care Center at each school on their remote days for families who may need this support. If you require this option, please fill out this form by August 31. Before and After Care will still be provided by the YMCA.  Further details of the elementary school schedule will be provided during the building based meetings that will take place during the week of August 31.

I thank you again for your continued patience and flexibility during this very challenging time. We do not anticipate any additional changes prior to the start of the school year; however, I ask you to prepare for the possibility of short or long-term closures due to a  suspected or confirmed case once we do return to in-person education.


Thomas A. Smith, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools