Over the past several days, many of us followed the news regarding the killing of George Floyd and the resulting protests that are taking place in cities across the country.  Unfortunately, this incident reflects a pattern of systemic issues that continue to occur in our country.  

In this school district, equity has become a driving force, resulting in curriculum changes and the development of a more inclusive school climate. The Hopewell Valley community has taken the responsibility to address some of our internal issues and the need for open dialogue. The protests underscore the need for our work to continue. 

In times like these, school district officials and staff play an important role: they provide many students and staff members with the opportunity to process these events, they offer consolation, and they lead the way for positive change to occur. The unrest in our country, coupled with the challenges of COVID-19, leave many of our students feeling lost.  In the absence of in-person schooling, many staff members helped students process the recent events during today’s virtual learning sessions. We are planning an additional opportunity for staff and students to meet virtually as well as a virtual community forum on June 13. Log on details will be shared shortly.  We have also compiled resources for parents here.

These are trying times for all of us.   When faced with adversity, our school community will become stronger as we engage and grow through collaboration, critical discovery and exploration.