Darren Lewan
Supervisor (6-12) 
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Wellness is the new name for health and physical education. Comprehensive health and physical education are complementary disciplines sharing a similar, yet distinctive, body of knowledge. Our curriculum is built around standards that provide a consolidated approach to instruction with wellness as a common theme. We endeavor to teach students to take responsibility for their actions, stay physically fit and prepare for a healthy and active lifestyle.


Physical Education Component
Students will be graded on the following three components by the percentages as follows: Preparation 41%, Participation 50 %, and Classwork 9%

Preparation: Students must wear sneakers with tied laces, sweatpants or shorts without zippers, buttons or belt loops, T-shirts and/or sweatshirts. Students are not permitted to wear jewelry.

Being unprepared will result in the following grades each time: 1st=95, 2nd=85, 3rd=75, 4th=0.

Participation for a student is defined as actively engaging in running, game and/or stretching that generally takes place before the activity. Then students will take part in the activity that the class is involved in on that particular day for the entire class period. Students will be accountable for conformance to the rules, spirit, and etiquette of the activity or game. These include overlapping concepts: fair play, sportsmanship, and character. This will be graded on a daily basis as follows: 60% activity participation, 30% warm-up participation, 10% sportsmanship and etiquette.

Classwork: Students will be graded on and may include but are not limited to tests, quizzes, journal writing, and projects.

* Students not participating due to unpreparedness must complete a written assignment(s) while they are not actively involved in class in order to receive participation credit.

** Students that are not participating in class due to a medically excused illness or injury MUST complete weekly written assignments that are assigned by their teacher.