Visual Arts
The visual arts and the study of aesthetics are among the various ways that we as humans strive to understand ourselves, each other and the multifaceted world around us. Along with its sister disciplines language, mathematics, the sciences, and history, art is an essential component of any comprehensive educational program. It is not only a unique area of knowledge with its own set of skills, language, and history, but also a gateway to all other disciplines. Additionally, art-making as a practice combines the most challenging aspects of critical thinking skills, personal expression, and kinesthetic awareness, which are all vital components of a lifelong learning process.

Performing Arts
The performing arts are an integral part of life and culture and thus are essential to every child's total education. The diverse activities are designed to appeal to students of various cultures, races, ability levels, and interests. The performing arts provide connections to the sciences, mathematics, language, and history and thus help comprise a comprehensive school curriculum. The program is designed for active participation and unique experiences that encourage lifelong learning.

10 Lessons the Art Teach info

10 Lessons the Arts Teach