Dennis Schmidt
Administrator of Technology
609.737.4000 x2501

Scott Brettell
Director, STEM
609.737.4000 x 2309


The technology office is guided by the district's Technology Mission Statement to help our teachers and administrators provide the best preparation for our students for the world in which we live.

The educational technology faculty, under the direction of Scott Bretell, has a wide variety of skills and teaching experiences. Our technology specialists take pride in working with students and staff to embed and integrate technology into the PreK-12 curriculum. They provide teacher training and direct student instruction in the use of computer and other technologies and facilitate integration into the classroom curriculum.

The technical support services for Hopewell Valley Regional School District are provided by a team of technicians under the guidance of Dennis Schmidt. Stationed throughout our schools, the technical support staff works closely with our educational technology staff to help all teachers and students realize the full benefits of technology, both inside and outside the classroom.