The Hopewell Valley Regional School District is dedicated to being a responsible steward of the environment, both within our buildings and beyond our classrooms. We are committed to using our resources responsibly; mobilizing our students, staff and the wider community, by providing them with the knowledge and skills to envision and create an environmentally just and sustainable future.


  • EDUCATE – Climate change is one of the defining issues of our generation and an urgent educational imperative. It is our district’s responsibility to cultivate responsible citizens and educate students about environmental challenges so that we might collectively work toward promoting positive behavioral change. Environmental studies are woven throughout the full spectrum of our curriculum, from science through to the arts. By educating our students and families on these topics, we demonstrate the value it brings to our community. We support our students in making positive, sustainable impacts as they continue their lifelong educational journey.

  • INNOVATE – Innovation is an extension of education. Planetary challenges provide unique opportunities for our young people to collaborate on projects across all pillars of learning. We encourage students to take a human-centered, creative approach to generating solutions and initiatives to help minimize our environmental consumption while maximizing our social impact.

  • ENGAGE – Our students’ reach goes beyond the classroom. As real-world influencers, they strive to make a positive impact locally and globally. Students actively educate each other, their families, and fellow citizens on important environmental issues. Participatory education is embraced by the numerous green teams and environmental clubs at the elementary, middle and high school level, ensuring student-centered collaboration amongst peers and within the wider Hopewell Valley community.

  • ADVOCATE – HVRSD encourages our young people to be at the forefront of environmental advocacy by demonstrating measurable change through action in our community. We support students in finding their voice and participating in student-driven actions on a regional, national and global level to address current environmental issues, including equitable access to clean air and water, waste reduction, and climate change.

The journey of our school community towards a sustainable future must work in tandem with our commitment to equity, racial justice and Inclusion. As we continue to strive towards equity in our schools and in the broader Hopewell Valley community, we affirm the importance of an environmental vision that includes everyone.

Our Commitment to Green Facilities