Science is an integral part of the elementary school program. It is used to integrate, reinforce, and enhance the other basic curricular areas to make learning more meaningful for children. The elementary science curriculum provides opportunities for the essential development of basic physical and life science concepts, along with the development of science processes and inquiry skills. Elementary science also provides opportunities for nurturing children's natural curiosity. This helps them to develop confidence to question and seek answers based upon evidence and independent thinking. The elementary science curriculum nurtures the following domains: Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Systems Science.


The sixth grade science program focuses on earth and space systems. Students will investigate the processes that operate on Earth and its place in the solar system. The seventh grade science program focuses on patterns, processes, and relationships of living organisms. The course will address how organisms are configured and how these structures support the processes that are necessary for life to exist. The basic purpose of the eighth grade science course is to give all students a beginning knowledge of physical science and to offer insight into the means by which scientific knowledge is acquired through the gathering, compilation, and interpretation of data.

For more information on STEM offerings at TMS, please view STEM Opportunities at TMS.


All the courses in the science program have been designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to meet and exceed New Jersey standards, as well as prepare students for life beyond Central High School (CHS). The course prerequisites (found in the HVCHS Program of Studies) have been developed to ensure that students demonstrate that they are prepared to meet the challenges that the different courses hold, and guide the student to the courses that will best facilitate their growth in understanding and confidence with science. A comprehensive list of science offerings, as well as specific requirements for AP science courses, are available for viewing.