Each Hopewell Valley Regional School District school has a separately incorporated Parent Teacher Organization. Its purpose is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of all Hopewell Valley schools.

The PTO seeks to build strong and effective relationships between home, school, and community to ensure the best possible academic, intellectual, cultural, physical and social education for our children that will ensure scholastic excellence, personal growth, sense of community, and life-long success.

The achievements of the Hopewell Valley School District PTOs can be measured in the cooperative spirit with which parents, teachers, and administrators work together to share their care and concern for Hopewell Valley students. The success of the PTOs can be seen in the students' appreciation for their schools, their teachers and the opportunities created by the PTOs.

District Parent Council (DPC)
The Hopewell Valley Regional School District Parent Council is a group comprised of Parent Teacher Organization executive committee members from each of the six schools in the district. One or two, but no more than three, PTO executive representatives attend these meetings with the superintendent once a month. The purpose of the District Parent Council is for members to share common interests or concerns, exchange information on matters affecting one or more of the schools, and to speak frankly with the superintendent on those matters.

Hopewell Valley Regional School District PTOs