The mission of the Hopewell Valley Regional School District, in partnership with the community, is to provide a comprehensive, caring educational experience which nurtures the unique talents of each individual, creates a fulfilled, socially responsible, life-long learner, develops confidence and capabilities to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world, and promotes a culture of respect which values diversity.

As partners, we will provide sufficient resources and a talented, committed staff that creates a safe environment where all individuals flourish. Through this Mission and Strategic Plan, the Board of Education expects that all students will achieve the NJ Core Content Curriculum Standards at all grade levels.



  • To engage students actively in the learning process while they are working to achieve their full potential as competent, respectful, socially responsible citizens.


  • To provide a wide array of instructional programs that assure core competencies and nurture the unique talents of the individual and that are regularly revised to meet current needs and anticipate challenges.

  • To provide and regularly review a wide and relevant array of extracurricular and co-curricular activities at all levels that foster lifelong learning by nurturing the unique talents of each individual and promoting social responsibility.


  • To have a staff that is a community of creative professionals who are sharing, collaborative, and reflective and who provide a caring, innovative educational environment.


  • To have a safe, well-maintained, optimally sized and appropriately equipped schools that provide adequate and flexible space for students and community members to learn, play, and socialize.

  • To create an open financial process that engenders consistent community support through broad-based participation in planning and cost-effective funding of district programs.

  • To establish an on-going cycle of evaluation that reconciles changes in the community with the intent of the Strategic Plan, that anticipates the financial impact of that plan, and regularly communicates that impact to the broader community.


  • To create schools that are resources for the community and a community that is a resource for the schools.

  • To create an effective open communication process that values all voices and creates a trusting, positive relationship with the community.


  • We believe in the worth and dignity of each person.

  • We believe that all students are entitled to the opportunity to maximize their talents and abilities. We believe that students thrive in a learning environment that facilitates self-discovery, exploration, and intellectual risk-taking.

  • We believe that quality education is a life-long process that fosters academic and cultural understanding.

  • We believe that effective education is a shared responsibility by all persons, groups, and organizations within our community.

  • We believe that we have the obligation to nurture a culture of respect that honors the uniqueness of the individual and fosters responsibility toward the community and the environment.

  • We believe that an effective educational system anticipates, plans and acts in response to a changing world.


We believe that the Hopewell Valley Regional School District must prepare all students to live, study and work in a diverse world. To that end, the school district will provide students with opportunities that promote respect for self and others and a curriculum which values the many varieties of human expression. The district recognizes and values the interconnectedness of humanity and looks to the staff to lead this initiative. It is our vision that all people will be treated with equality, dignity, and respect; that all students will be educated to understand, accept and value all members of the world community; and that the community at large will join with us in support of this mission.