Career Pathways

Business and Marketing

Career Pathways offers students of all abilities and interests to choose a sequence of courses and work-based learning opportunities with a career concentration. 

These courses and work based learning opportunities will help students cultivate their capabilities, assess and solidify career goals and help focus post-secondary choices. 

The goal of the Career Pathway is a path to graduation and beyond preparing students for college and/or a career. 

Students who enroll in the Career Pathways Program will have this designation on their transcript. 

Pathways Course Sequences Grade level course suggestions

Business Pathway required courses

Accounting or Computer Science 1 & 2 (5 credits)

Business and Personal Law (2.5 credits)

Entrepreneurship or Sports Marketing (2.5 credits)


Marketing Pathway required courses

Marketing 1 or Marketing 2 (5 credits)

World Ready Technology 1 or Computer Graphics 1 (2.5 credits)

World Ready Technology 2 or Computer Graphics 2 (2.5 credits)

Additional Career Pathway requirements

Work-Based Learning Experiences in the fields of Business and Marketing (20 hours accumulated over your 4 years of high school)

For more information about work based learning opportunities, contact Mr. Crognale,

Recommended Clubs & Organizations

  • FBLA-Future Business Leaders of America

  • DECA-Distributive Education Clubs of America

  • Yearbook

  • School Newspaper-Bulldog Reporter

  • Literary Magazine-Panorama

Additional Information

Occupational Outlook Handbook is a career resource offering information on hundreds of occupations including salary, profiles of typical education needed to enter the occupation and the job outlook over the coming decade.

Industry Valued Certification is strongly recommended. Individuals who possess a certification help to build a skilled workforce that meets the needs of employers. Gain the skills you need to create more opportunities for yourself.