Students are required to be in class every day. Absences can result in the loss of important information and may result in a lower grade. If an absence is anticipated, it is recommended that the student talk with the instructor.


Students are required to dress appropriately for activity classes. This includes shorts/sweatpants, shirts/sweatshirts, and athletic footwear. Spaghetti-strapped shirts, short midriff shirts, elevator sneakers, sandals, boots of any type and ripped clothing are prohibited. All jewelry is prohibited. Instructors have the authority to use their discretion on dress code as it affects student and staff safety.


All medical and parental notes pertaining to wellness should be taken to the school nurse's office for processing. An extended medical note may result in an assignment to a study hall during the activity sections at the beginning and end of the year. During wellness and health, students are required to stay with their classes and are responsible for all material covered as part of that class.


All injuries, no matter how small, should be reported to the instructor immediately upon occurrence. The instructor will decide on the best course of action to take.


CHS has added a new policy for students who have been taken out of physical education. Students with concussions will report to the nurse. They will be given a study hall and must see their wellness teacher for written weekly assignments. Students with medical exemptions from wellness will also be given a study hall and must report to their wellness teacher for written weekly assignments. Students on medical specific restriction will still be involved in wellness classes with certain limitations of activity. They will be provided with the duties and activities that they are physically able to perform.


Each student must provide their own lock for physical education. They should always secure personal items during class time. Under no circumstances should personal belongings be left unlocked. Sharing of lockers is prohibited.


It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that all personal belongings are secured. In the event that something is misplaced or missing, please report it to the instructor immediately.