Emergency Schedule Changes
Weather conditions, the loss of utilities or other emergencies may cause Hopewell Valley schools to be closed, opened late, or dismissed early. Emergency schedule changes and related information will be sent to parents and guardians via the Thrillshare Alerts communication system using the contact information listed in OnCourse. The school district will also communicate emergency schedule changes via Facebook and Twitter.

Thrillshare Alerts Information
Hopewell Valley Regional School District utilizes the Thrillshare Alerts mass notification system for emergency notifications, such as power outages or early school closures due to inclement weather, as well as for community outreach. Thrillshare Alerts allows the school district and individual schools to deliver voice, text, and/or email messages within minutes to telephones and Internet-enabled devices, including mobile phones and computers. 

Emergency Response Plans
Comprehensive emergency response plans have been developed for all situations that may occur at Hopewell Valley Regional School District. Absolutely critical to this plan is your cooperation. The primary goal of these plans is to ensure the safety of all students.

We ask you to carefully review the information contained here. Pocket-sized cards (.pdf) are supplied so that you will have the basic information available to you at all times.


  1. How will I know that there is an emergency at the school? 

    For any type of emergency affecting the school, the district’s emergency e-mail notification system will be activated. Determined by the specific situation, the Thrillshare Alerts notification system may phone you with information on the emergency situation. It is imperative that you keep emergency notification information up-to-date and accurate in OnCourse. Information will also be posted to the school district web site ( www.hvrsd.org) and HV-TV Channel 19/32. 

  2. I should not go to school. Why? 

    In the event of a situation at the school, the students may need to be sheltered in place in the classrooms or they may need to be evacuated to another location. Parents coming to the school could seriously disrupt the execution of the plan. Parents coming to the school could divert efforts and attention away from the matter at hand. Parents driving to the school will cause congestion in an area where emergency vehicles may need quick access.

    In order to guarantee the safe transfer of ALL children, parents coming to the school will NOT be permitted to take their children.

  3. What should I do? 

    If the students are being kept secured in the school due to an emergency at or around the school (a hazardous material spill in the area, for example) you may proceed, if you wish, to the school relocation point. School personnel will be on hand to meet with you and provide the latest information. If students have been evacuated and you wish to pick up your child, proceed to the school evacuation location as per the school plan and follow the directions of the administrative staff there. If you are unable to go to the school, we will transport your child home as soon as it is safe to do so.

  4. Do not call the school. Why? 

    The school administration will be occupied seeing to the safety and welfare of the students; calls to the school will take away from the primary mission and needlessly tie up phone lines that need to be kept clear. 

  5. What do I do? 

    Call the school district administrative offices at (609) 737-8449; a recording will provide the latest information. You may also check the district’s web site at www.hvrsd.org for updates.

  6. Do not call 9-1-1. Why? 

    Police dispatchers will be busy handling the emergency at hand and any other calls that are ongoing. They will NOT provide information regarding the incident at the school. Calling 9-1-1 will distract from the primary mission.

  7. Do not use cell phones in the area. Why? 

    There are a limited number of 'cells' available for cellular calls. We anticipate that the system will be overloaded. Police and school officials may need to use cell phones and may be unable to place a vital call.