Mandated Busing
Provided to students living more than 2 miles from school (K-8) or 2.5 miles (9-12). We collect state aid for this service.

Courtesy Busing
Previously provided to students living between 1 mile and 2 miles (K-8) and 1.25 miles and 2.5 miles (9-12). Not required by the state. No state aid. Eliminated district-wide in the 2006-07 budget.

Non-mandated Hazardous Busing
A subset of Courtesy Busing. Provided to elementary students who live under the state-determined limit of 2 miles but along routes with an identified hazard (bridge, railroad, a busy highway, etc). No state aid. $150 fee (covering 1/3 of cost) charged to secondary students (grades 6-12) in 2007-08. The family cap of $300.

Subscription Busing
Discretionary, parent-paid service. Based on an average cost per student. $500 a seat in 2007-08.