• Students are under the authority of the driver of the school bus while being transported to and from school. Any serious infraction of the rules must be reported by the driver to the principal of the school which the student attends and to the Superintendent of Schools. The life of the student and all others on the bus is at stake and no conduct can be tolerated that might jeopardize safe travel to and from school. All proper legal steps will be taken to see that the established regulations are enforced.

  • Students should arrive at their bus stop at least ten (10) minutes prior to bus arrival time.

  • Students should walk facing traffic and must not attempt to board or to alight from the bus while it is in motion. They must not ride on the outside of the bus.

  • Students must not leave the bus on the way to school or home without permission, except in case of personal emergency on the part of the pupil, or upon the request of the principal or the pupil’s parents. This should be handled by a pass from the school office.

  • No student shall be allowed to ride on any bus other than the one to which he or she is assigned unless otherwise approved by the principal.