STEM Magnet Program at Timberlane Middle School

Timberlane Middle School's STEM Vision

Timberlane Middle School gears its STEM instruction to exposure to the engineering design process. This is through elective courses, such as Project Lead the Way Courses. We feel that exposing students to the universality of engineering design will provide them with important skill sets such as problem solving, communication, and making connections between academics or professions. Embedding this process into the curriculum will further support students to STEM endeavors at the high school.

Application Process for Enrollment

The STEM Magnet Program has rolled up into the middle school. This program is open to 6th grade students. The application can be found here and is due no later than April 12, 2019. 
Please note: Students enrolled in the STEM Magnet Program at Bear Tavern will automatically be accepted into the Timberlane Middle School program, so there is no need to complete an application for 6th grade. 

More Information about STEM at Timberlane

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STEM in Action at Timberlane

Students in 7th grade STEM classrooms were provided with an exciting opportunity to use their engineering skills. Their challenge was to create a tower using the provided material that would hold a tennis ball. Students were given 18 minutes to complete the task. Check out some of the student's designs.
Students in 6th grade were learning about heat transfer. In this unit, students were asked to create heat ablation shields that would withstand heat for a given amount of time. Students tested their shields using "egg-stronauts" as their test subjects. Successful shields still had "egg-stronauts" in liquid form. Students will be taking the data from their first test results to re-design their shields.