Technology FAQ

1.  If I need technical help, where do I go?

We have technology specialists, teachers in the district who teach technology-based courses, in all our schools. The technology specialists are available to answer your quick and simple questions. For all other questions or requests for help, users are expected to submit a help desk ticket to the technology help desk by sending your request via e-mail to Help Desk. Questions or issues with telephones, OnCourse, hardware and software, and peripheral devices can be addressed by the help desk.

 2.  Who are the technology specialists? 

The K-8 technology specialists in each building have teaching responsibilities; at the elementary level, they also facilitate your educational technology needs in the computer labs and classrooms during integration periods. They also provide the first step in the technical support process outlined in #1 above.

  • Vikki Obst, Hopewell and Toll Gate
  • Mandi Perez, Stony Brook and Bear Tavern
  • Melissa Sisz, Timberlane
  • Kathy Brewer, Timberlane
  • Kathy Neggia, Timberlane

At HVCHS, we don't have specific technology specialists as these staff members teach in different departments but dedicate time in their day for staff and student technology assistance and training.  CHS has a full-time technology trainer, Jill Bacso. Ms. Bacso also serves as the district webmaster. In addition, Jeff Losch is a part-time technology coach for HVCHS.

  • Jeff Losch, Room 340 (in Media Center)
  • Tracy Morgan, Room 302
  • Robert Crognale, Room 302
  • Jill Bacso, Room 340 (in Media Center) 

3.  Who are Douglas Brower and Dennis Schmidt?

Douglas Brower is the K-12 supervisor of educational technology, business, media and practical arts and his office is in CHS.  He has been a teacher and supervisor in the district for 30 years. For technology, he leads the team of teachers that deliver the technology/computer instructional program and assists teachers and administrators in implementing technology to its fullest. He also is the administrator in charge of the e-mail and conferencing system and HV-TV.  Mr. Brower is the go-to man for educational/classroom technology needs. 

Dennis Schmidt is the administrator of technology and he leads the district technical support team and oversees the district network infrastructure. There is a team of technicians throughout the school district that assists students and staff.  Mr. Schmidt coordinates the networking functions throughout the district and works very closely with Mr. Brower.

4.  What about e-mail and SPAM questions?

The Hopewell Valley Regional School District technology department has taken serious steps to curb SPAM e-mail from reaching user mailboxes. Specific information can be obtained by emailing Mr. Brower and/or Mr. Schmidt.

5.  Are there e-mail and Internet outages?

We know that e-mail and the Internet are important components to a teacher's (and student's) daily life at school and at home. There are times when e-mail and Internet access are briefly unavailable for maintenance purposes.  Unexpected outages are rare.

6.  Is there a district acceptable use policy (AUP)?

There is a district AUP and it is applicable to ALL users of technology in Hopewell Valley Regional School District. Please consult our AUP as well as all of the other technology-related policies and guidelines.  

7. Do I sign up to use a technology labs/carts with my students?

Yes. Each of the technology specialists K-8 has a calendar so that you can sign up to use a computer lab, iPads, and Chromebooks with your students. Please give yourself enough lead time as the demand for computer lab time is high in all of our schools.

8. Is there a discount for teachers to purchase computers?

DELL offers the DELL Employee Purchase Program to all employees of the Hopewell Valley Regional School District.  Additional information is available by contacting Mr. Brower.