Facilities Usage

Our facilities / field use application process has changed to a web-based system. The new online procedure for community users is a three-step process:
  1. Check availability on the HVRSD facilities / field use reservation calendar (https://www.communityuse.com/default.asp?acctnum=719418049).
    • To view the location of all events for a given day, click the date number displayed in the calendar grid.
  2. Log in (returning users) or create an account (new users) to the reservation calendar by clicking Log in to Request Facility Use in the upper right corner of your screen.
    • New users: a short how-to video on the registration process is available; follow the Click here to watch the "Requesting Access" video link
    • An account is required to submit a facility rental request 
  3. Request building or field use
    • Once your user account registration (Step 2) is approved, complete a request for use of fields or rooms through the Use of Facilities Calendar and Request Form link.
    • Click the Request Facility Use tab and enter your request
    • Download and complete the Building / Field Use Rental Application Packet (found below). The Certificate of Insurance and the Criminal Background Check Certification (found in the Rental Application Packet) are required for approval of your group's registration.
    • IF REQUESTING USE OF THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (PAC): In addition to the Building / Field Use Rental Application Packet, you must also complete the Performing Arts Center Use Application (found below). If you have questions regarding the PAC, please contact Jamie Boyle at 609.737.4000 x3314 or via e-mail at jamieboyle@hvrsd.org.
Electronic copies of forms may be sent to Marie Pagano (mariepagano@hvrsd.org). 

Please allow enough time for the approval process. All forms should be submitted at least 10 work days prior to the event. 

Contact Marie Pagano at 609.737.4000 x2206 with your questions regarding use of facilities.

Required Forms