Hopewell Valley Regional School District

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Mathematics Recitation

Math Recitation was created as a supplement to the math class a student is already taking.  Math Recitation is a time when students can meet with a math teacher to get extra help understanding the topics they are learning in their current math class.  Math Recitation is for all students at all subject levels.  
Utilizing these sessions will be helpful in preparing students for life after CHS.  The recitation session is being structured as a "Professor's Office Hours" in college, or that of an experienced colleague who you may meet with in your career for guidance.  To make these meetings productive it is important that the students prepare properly by bringing the following materials:
  • Questions about a skill or topic
  • Attempted math problems
  • Materials that will support answering any questions, i.e. textbook, notes, worksheets, etc.
For more information, please review the Math Recitation- FAQ and schedule below.