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A business course is learning that is hands-on, relates academic subjects to the business world and provides a broad, comprehensive curriculum that is for and about business. Business courses at Hopewell Valley Central High School are designed to prepare students as viable competitors in the business world and for advanced educational opportunities.

Between grades 9 and 12, all students are required to take at least 5 credits in the area of business or practical arts and many take more as their interests and college pursuits dictate. There are many business courses, half-year and full-year, in which students may choose to enroll.  All of the courses in the Business Department make use of the computer labs on a full-time or part-time basis. Students use computer hardware and software that is current and compatible with what is being used today in colleges and businesses. 

Douglas Brower
Supervisor (K-12)
609.737.4000 x3528